Solar Still


Clear bowl with cellophane wrap, foil and a weight at the top is used to purify water.
Purify water using everyday materials.
  • Bowl
  • Plastic cup, 1″ shorter than sides of bowl or cut to size
  • Clear plastic food wrap
  • Tape or rubber band large enough to go around bowl
  • Small rock or weight
  • Salty or colored water


drawing of homemade solar still used to purify water
  • Put salty or colored water in the bowl.
  • Place the cup in the center of the bowl.
  • Stretch clear plastic wrap over the top of the bowl and secure with tape or a rubber band.
  • Make sure the seal is tight and no air can escape.
  • Place a weight on the center of the plastic wrap above the cup.
  • Press down slightly on the plastic wrap so it stretches and sags down over the cup.
  • Place the solar still in full sun.
  • Observe what happens.
  • After some water collects in the cup, taste it. Is the water clear?
  • Does it taste salty?
  • Why does the water taste different that tap water.

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