“Take a Trip to Clean Air” Coloring Book

Key Words to Alternative Fuel Technology

Alternative fuels
Any fuel for vehicles other than conventional petroleum-based gasoline and diesel.

Any liquid biodegradable fuel suitable as a diesel fuel substitute or diesel fuel additive or extender made from transesterification of oils of vegetables.

Energy arising from electric charge interaction provided by generators, fuel cells, photovoltaics or electrical conductors, which may be stored in batteries.

Liquid alcohol, ethyl alcohol or grain-spirit produced from grain or agricultural waste and may be mixed with another fuels.

A gas composed of the smallest and lightest element found in nature and usually produced by electrolysis or striping from liquid fuels.

Clear liquid alcohol produced from natural gas, coal, or biomass and may be mixed with another fuels.

Natural Gas
A gas compressed to a volume and density that is practical as a portable fuel in a cylinder or liquefied and stored in cryogenic tanks produced as a byproduct from crude oil refining.

A liquefied petroleum gas produced as a byproduct from natural gas processing and crude oil refining.

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